POS computers

Industrial POS (Point of sale) computers with Windows 8.1 operating system for restaurants, fitness clubs, pools. Water and dust resistance up to IP66. We provide these computers with our own software nPoint – accounting, selling and management system. We provide with trainings and 24/7 helpdesk support. More information about various solutions can be found here.

We offer a range of different POS computers, for every client’s needs.

POINDUS POS computers

Aluminum fan-less case. System block integrated into computer. Computer has pre-installed SSD (Solid-state drive) and Intel processor for faster data handling. Touch sensitive True-Flat screen (no edge between screen and border), looks sophisticated and is easy to clean. Water and dust resistance (IP66). Recommended for pools and water parks.

nPOS POS computers

Fast system block, placed next to the screen. Computer has pre-installed SSD (Solid-state drive) for faster data handling. Computer screen is touch sensitive, in addition to water and dust resistance. Installed with Appostar monitor or regular monitor with mouse, keyboard or barcode scanner.

Smart Customer Terminal

The easiest and efficient way to collect and analyze customer feedback for continues monitoring of customer satisfaction. Feedback terminal allows customers to give instant feedback easily by touching the screen of the terminal. Feedback terminal provides the possibility for enterprises to collect the most valuable and qualitative feedback – at the point of service and at the moment of service experience. Real-time availability of feedback for monitoring and analysis.

nPointMobile – mobile order application

Wherever there is the need for quick operation, easy-to-use and all-in-one information usage – mobile devices are the most popular choice! Lower device costs, higher service speeds, compact size, and growing staff productivity are just some of the features why nMobile has already been able to earn customer trust.


You can also find additional accessories that will allow you to customize the cash register module according to your needs in our storage. From card readers, fiscal printers or bank terminals – to make your shopping easier you can buy everything from us.