Biometric scanners

Biometric scanners – it is a device human identification by fingerprint, iris or facial structure. These scanners are exceptionally accurate and reliable.
Identification through biometric data are based on unique human characteristics. At the current moment only few biometric data recognition systems are used worldwide – fingerprint, iris and facial identification.
nSoft is able to offer these biometric scanners integration to access management systems. these measures ensures almost 100% identification effectiveness, which is required when trying to reach maximum accuracy, ensure fraud prevention that may happen both in fitness clubs, swimming pools, aqua parks or other entertainment objects, and inside the company when employees accessing working premises and registering working hours. This way income loss is avoided, fraud prevention and security is increased.
In long-term perspective biometric recognition measures aquires advantage compared to RFID technology, not only for the reliability but also for exploitation costs – no new RFID cards or tags are needed. Visitor service becomes simpler and faster, at the same time decreasing costs of human resources.

Our offered biometric scanner types are below:

Facial recognition

Latest generation user recognition technology is based on unique face shape of every user. Firstly, user’s face is recorded, then few images are selected from which a specific model is compiled, which then is entered into the database assigning a user to it. On the next visit that or the other user is identified only in few seconds. Tis typpe of recognition does not require any additional cards, tags or other RFID transmiters used in RFID technology.

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Fingerprint scanners

Biometric scanners – it is human identification by fingerprint, iris or facial structure. These scanners are exceptionally accurate and reliable.

Iris scanners

Iris recognition is automated identification method which is based on mathematical identification from picture, taken from a recording, techniques. Using special cameras and infrared lasers detailed iris image is aquired, that image, then, is assigned to the visitor. This technology is esspecially reliable and iris scanners are adaptable to access control objects, which have regularly visiting people such as fitness clubs. Due to fast iris scaning and accurate identification, visitor access to the premises becomes simpler and faster.