Barcode scanners

Barcode scanners can be used everywhere where tickets, services or goods have barcodes printed on them. System generates a specific barcode, ticket is printed with this specific tag and a unique code is transferred into the database. In turn, the visitor or personnel scans the ticket or purchase at the reader, unique code is checked in the database and reader’s controller allows the visitor to access the premises of the tour or detects the item.

We can offer your reliable readers with great price/quality ratio, which can be stationary, handheld or integrated into access management devices.

Handheld Barcode Scanners

Handheld scanners are used in points of sale, scanning products or tickets. we offer various types and models of handheld scanners, but the most popular and common is the HR11.

Stationary Barcode scanners

Stationary scanners are usually used with turnstiles. Visitor scans his ticket and then the scanner lets him through the turnstile. These barcode scanners scan 1D and 2D, allowing you to quickly scan the bar code regardless of the lighting and ticket position.

Integrated Stationary Barcode scanners

Integrated stationary Newland FM100 scanners requires additional cover in which they are mounted. The mount may be the turstile it self as well as an additional post.

Mobile Barcode scanners

Mobile barcode scanners are the ideal solution when it comes to scanning multiple tickets. With a mobile scanner, you can recognize if ticket is valid, even when there is no computer or access control mechanism near it. This is especially useful for festivals and outdoor events.