Mobile Barcode scanners

Mobile barcode scanners are the ideal solution when it comes to scanning multiple tickets. With a mobile scanner, you can recognize if ticket is valid, even when there is no computer or access control mechanism near it. This is especially useful for festivals and outdoor events.Also, these scanners are more than useful when additional mobile visitors’ access points are needed.

The only thing required for a device to meet all the need is the 3G Wifi Internet connection.

Mobile readers can scan in 1D and 2D and can be used of all kinds of lighting. Finally these scanners are user friendly and easy to use as they work with Android and Windows operating systems.

PT30 Omura mobile computer

The PT30 Omura is a multi-functional, value for money mobile computer. The device runs on Microsoft Windows CE and offers a cost-effective solution with all the features you need to boost productivity day in and day out. The PT30 Omura is certified by SysDev Mobile Computing (Kalipso), which is a fast and powerful mobile application generator for Microsoft OS and Android.

MT70 Mobile Data Terminal

The multi-functional and IP65 rugged industrial mobile data terminal, with 3.5” sunlight readable screen, adopts Microsoft Windows CE.NET 6.0 operation system, as well as high-speed CPU of Marvell XScale PXA310 806MHz, 2GB large user flash memory and the module design provides convenience for customization.

MT65 Beluga II Portable Data Collector

Redefine mobility and productivity with the MT65 Beluga II portable data collector. The Beluga comes in several models and is capable of accurately reading 1D and 2D barcodes. It is equipped with an Android 5.1 operating system and supports 4G, Bluetooth, Dual band Wi-Fi.

Symphone N5000 Android smartphone PDA

The Symphone N5000 is part of the first series of Android smartphone PDAs by Newland. It is powered by world’s smallest 2D scanning module (by Newland), making the device elegant, compact and light. The modern design is inspired by a consumer look and feel, but built for professional use.

NQuire Tough Tab 8” Tablet

Designed to be used in a variety of extreme environments, the NQuire Tough Tab 8” is the perfect tablet to withstand everything that your business can throw at it. Powered by a 64-bit Quad-Core Intel. processor and Windows 10 Pro, the NQuire Tough Tab 8” brings seamless integration into your business systems whilst remaining a viable budget-conscious solution.