Robust full-height construction of high quality, trouble free and easy operation are the hallmarks of the GATE DEA DUO making it ideal for high security applications where the fully automatic and unmanned identification of people is required. It is the best solution as a wheelchair access, in case of movement of large objects or sudden evacuation. Anti-corrosive prevention of all components and high quality final finish of GATE DEA DUO guarantee long-life and reliable operation not only interior but also during extreme conditions of outdoor installations. Functional design, constructive and color variability make GATE DEA DUO to be a unique part of entrance control system. GATE DEA DUO is a bi-directional gate with electronic access control. Sophisticated control electronics enables easy setting of its own operating mode and at the same time it provides the communication between different types of identification and signalling devices.


• With anti-corosive coating, galvanized, powder-coated by RAL color palette or stainless steel body
• Lighting inside the gate (accessory)


• Maximum security level – full-height construction
• Gates are disassembled with special tools only
• Long operational period without additional maintenance required
• Gate wings may be U-shaped (additional accessory)


• Using nSoft software and RFID, barcode or biometrinic readers.
• Using any other access management system
•  Using remote control buttons
• Using remote control unit


• Two-way access
• Double passage
• Designed to allow passage with large objects
• Handicap accessable


Additional information:

• Possibility to integrate readers into gate body or next to the gate using additional reader post.

• In case of power outage, gates are operational up to 6 hours, using emergency power supply. On complete power outage gate locks the passage (Fail-lock) or allows free access to both sides (Fail-safe)

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