Panel gates

Panel gate series EASYGATE is designed for indoor facilities and outdoor territories, that requires reliable security, visitor comfort and solid design. EASYGATES are assembled in bank, office or public institution premises.


The EasyGate BV comes in eye catching cladding technology with choice of different colours that perfectly blend in with any business environment like lobby areas, receptions, offices and much more.


EASYGATE IM is a modern unique entry solution with innovative design High aesthetic ergonomic design is capable of accommodating the unique challenges found in the most demanding of market segments and proven high level security performance.


EASYGATE LX represents a new revolutionary concept of the entrance control system for places where maximum user´s comfort is requested together with keeping its high security level.


The EasyGate FL with its scissor opening motion offers an entrance control system where maximum security, a high level of personal comfort and impressive design are essential.


Product line EasyGate SG/ SH represents security swing gate turnstiles that combine the request for high level, user´s comfort and demands on minimum space.


EasyGate WN represents junction of high security access control system together with requirements for functionality in extreme outdoor weather conditions.


EASYGATE HG ir HR gates meets the highest visitor security, comfort standarts at the same time requiring minimum operational space. Simple design, stainless steel and glass material transforms these gates into unique and attractive part of the interior.


EASYGATE BG is a short cabinet model of the sliding speedgate range. The simple and elegant design enables this turnstile to fit in any interiors where maximum aesthetics application is required.


EasyGate LG speed gate represents an innovation in security solutions with sliding technology. The swift of opening and closing wings makes the EasyGate LG ideal solution for managing high throughput areas.

EASYGATE Elite/Elite 3D Top

The EASYGATE Elite speedgate is the latest in turnstile innovation. An elegant and slimline design fits perfectly to any exclusive interior. Combining strong reliability and high aesthetics, this design meets the increasing demand of customized projects with alternative materials and colours.

EASYGATE SBG Self-Boarding Gate

EASYGATE SBG Self-Boarding Gate is an automated solution enabling passenger self-service check-in and passage control at Boarding Gates, Security/Immigration Check Points, or entry to Loyalty Passenger lane and lounge areas. Our EasyGate SBG provides stress-free efficiency for passengers and freedom from mundane tasks so the staff can focus on their personal attention on the valued travelers’ needs better.


EASYGATE SPA An innovative “Pay to Access” speedgate designed specifically for the needs of the public facilities market as public toilets, showers, etc. Coin operated turnstile EASYGATE SPA enables establishments to collect an income stream to keep their services open, clean and in a pleasant state.

EASYGATE Interlock gate

EASYGATE Interlock gate is a high security double speed gate specially designed for an environment where a high security is requested.

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