Monitoring equipment

Professional equipment designed to monitor surrounding factors.

Water leakage monitoring

Professional equipment designed to register water or other liquid leakage and perform set tasks in case of a leakage.

Electric energy monitoring

Equipent for electric energy consumption monitoring.

“Damocles” devices

Professional equipment from “Damocles” brand.

Electricity management

Equipment to monitor electricity changes.


Enviromental factor registration and software meant for according operations.

Temperature and humidity monitoring

Professional hardware, designed for external sensor information registration.

Poseidon 3266

Temperature and humidity measurement, remotely monitoring 4 digital input signal (Web, SNMP, E-mail). Software package that compiles reports in MS Excel format is included for free.

Poseidon 3468

Internet connection compatible IP termostat, designed to measure temperature and humidity, manage 4 dry input contacts and 2 relay outputs remotely. Industrial version supports SNMP, e-mail, DIN track assembly.

Poseidon 4002

Data center factor monitoring (power supply, temperature, door, smoke). suitable for 19″, as well as 10″ racks. supports Web, E-mail, SNMP and SMS over GSM modem.