HWg-WLD Relay

HWg-WLD solution with integrated relay.

HWg-WLD Relay detects water leakage using  WLD sensing cable, which can be from 2m to 85m in length. Standart package contains 2m cable. sensor cable can be connected in areas, that are connected or extended with not sensoring cables (up to 100m). Total of 185m cable lenght for single HWg-WLD Relay device.

Liquid sensing cable detects even the smallest amount of liquid, therefore can be used as condensate sensor. After water leakage in the premises the cable may be dried off and used again.

HWg-WLD Relay can be installed as separate stand-alone solution using 12V power supply and relay output or as a sensor, connected to Ares or Poseidon device over 1-Wire UNI interface. Relay connection is used to transfer signals for wter leakage or power disconnection.

  • Sensor type: standart WLD sensing cable A cable
  • Package contents: 2 m sensor cable + 2 m standart cable
  • Sensing area: WLD sensor cable (max 85m) can be extended with non-sensing cable (max 100m) up to 185m cable system
  • Detection sensitivity: water / glycol / other conductive suspension
  • Relay output: max. 1A / 30V (12V power supply required)
  • Trunking interface: 1-Wire UNI (2x RJ11) Poseidon or Ares devices
  • Power supply: 12V / 0.1A or through 1-Wire connection
  • Relay alarm: relay is activated: in case of water leakage detection or disconnected power supply
  • 1-Wire UNI signals: not Flooded/Flooded/Cable Disconnected

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