You can also find additional accessories that will allow you to customize the cash register module according to your needs in our storage. From card readers, fiscal printers or bank terminals – to make your shopping easier you can buy everything from us.

MSR, RFID and fingerprint readers

Our assortment includes a wide variety of scanners to help you optimize your business performance and meet your unique needs. RFID USB desk readers are designed to scan RFID tags and cards of your visitors or personnel.

nOrderDisplay – Kitchen Order Monitor

nOrderDisplay is the kitchen monitor, which ensures the efficient communication of both service and kitchen teams.
The operating principle is very simple. First step: waiter creates an order in the nPoint order window. The order goes to the nOrderDisplay kitchen monitor, which contains main order and any additional information added by the waiter.

RFID wristbands

The most practical RFID adaptation restaurants and other facilities is the RFID bracelet. Using it, the waiter does not need to look for a card, because it is always on the hand. This saves time, as waiters and bartenders do not waste time searching for the card, the cards will not get lost, and the pockets of the outfit will no longer be needed.

Cash drawer

Cash drawer is important part of every POS system. You can choose bigger or smaller, they both have automatic opening.

VFD screen

Client display is a useful device that helps you to serve your cutomers fluently and efficiently. It is part of the cash register that shows a payable amount. The customer can see what they are paying for, what discounts are applicable and how much change they should expect to receive.

Fiscal printer

One important part of the pos system is thermal printer with automatic cut-off, separate or integrated into POS.
This Fiscal block is the perfect choice for companies working in several states, because of the unified cash system with electronic cash bar in Lithuania and Latvia.

Undisrupted power supply (UPS)

Undisrupted power supply (UPS) ensures data protection on power shortages.
This UP offers efficient and cost-effective data protection in the event of a loss of power and dangerous voltage and voltage fluctuations.

Barcode scanners

Bar-code scanners are a fastest and most efficient way to recognize goods bar codes printed on them. System generates a specific bar code, label is printed with this specific tag and a unique code is transferred into the database. We are offering reliable readers with great price/quality ratio, which can be stationary, handheld or integrated […]

Thermal Point of Sale receipt printer

Thermal Point of Sale receipt printer. This POS printer is the best choice for customers looking for receipt printer with high performance and reasonable price. This cost-effective model for wide applications fast speedup to 200mm/sec, dual interface.

Bank terminal

The devise for debit or credit card payment, automated control transfer from nPoint. Our commanded Points of sale and services with no lines, where customers pay at a cash register and cash registers are not computerized.

PaySera and GoNpay payments

Allow your customers pay for the services with GoNpay system, which allows them to have all the payment cards on their smartphone. Also, with the payment method of Paysera, you can use the option of prepayment – deposit your money to the Paysera card and pay for it during the specified period. This idea is […]