Warehouse Management System is a software package, designed to optimize warehouse operations, taking a step forward to more modern storage management solutions. nAims, created by nSoft, manages all warehouse operations and tasks in real-time, therefore receiving and entering information is optimized to be fast, accurate and reliable. Due to wide range of features you will be able to perform all necessary warehouse operations, manage employee workload operatively generate new tasks for them. More information about nAims software package and its possibilities is shown in the video presentation or by clicking on other tabs below

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  • Accounting new stock, assigning them to specific warehouse locations;
  • Transferring stock to other locations;
  • Determine stock location and send it out;
  • Stock inventory;
  • Sending and receiving stock to and from manufacturer;
  • Sending writing-off stock;
  • Order assembly and send-off;
  • Perform quality management, monitor quantity and quality of remaining inventory;
  • Inventory remainder notifications;
  • Integration with other systems and devices;
  • Creating and receiving relevant reports;
  • Refer to inventory transactions;
  • Many other features.

nAims warehouse management system is complex and customizable to every customer’s demand.

How nAims may benefit to your company?

Benefits can be sorted into 3 sections: logistic support, personnel management and document accounting and their management.
System package nAims logistic features:

  • Optimized logistic processes inside the company;
  • Accurate product quantitative and placement information;
  • Clear and easier to manage product trafficking;
  • Effective storage place distribution;

nAims benefits in HR:

  • Effective personnel workload;
  • Decreased error possibility in report management;
  • Faster task performance;
  • Increased efficiency.

Accounting benefits:

  • Faster data transfer;
  • Efficient data presentation;
  • Decreased demand in paper documents;
  • No need to interrupt warehouse operations for inventory accounting;
  • Integration with various accounting software.