nVentoryInventory software nVentory is designed for companies that seek to monitor their storage remainders, stock composition and other information, set to the inventory unit. nVentory is especially useful when searching for a specific item in huge warehouse. Search is performed by directing the reader antenna to desired premises. The reader starts the search through all the objects in the premise. Desired item is found by unique RFID sticker. The software further performs the required steps– item is taken from storage or transfered to other premises.

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With nVentory you will be able to manage your company‘s tangible property by performing these steps:

  • Enterring equipment into the system
  • Entering and adjusting data about every unit and their properties
  • Assigning a specific place for a specific item
  • Searching specified item
  • Creating inventorisation tasks
  • Stocking items by units or packages, calculating package price
  • Asigning and marking RFID tags to inventory items
  • Creating new users that perfom inventorisation tasks
  • Assigning multiple active readers to the software
  • Perform data import or export

nVentory is composed of two interconnected applications – desktop and handheld. Thay differ in tasks being performed by the applications. desktop application is installed into personal computer (PC). Afterwards the new inventory is entered through desktop application – item data, different storages, creating new and adjusting old users, creating relevant reports, creating inventorisation tasks.
Handheld application is installed into RFID readers. Through this application, with the help of the reader pagalba inventory items and storage places get their individual ID tags. They can be errased or replaced by new ones.

nVentory handheld appliction is installed to handheld RFID readers. nSoft offers finnish manufacturer NordicID readers with long-lasting and accurate operation. We offer couple of models that work best together with the system: NordicID Morphic and NordicID Merlin.

skaitytuvas Morphic

NordicID Morphic reader

Merlin skaitytuvas

NordicID Merlin reader