TicketEx is ticket selling and distribution system, designed to fluently, cleverly ir and quickly sell tickets to various events.TicketEx

TicketEx system consists of several modules, used by various users to fulfil fluent ticket distribution and access to events using mentioned tickets.

Currently TicketEx is used by ticket distributers both in Lithuania and other countries.

TicketEx modules:

  • Administrator – administers whole system: event information, plot arena‘s seats, manages reports, event prices, discounts and tax management;
  • Website – event pesentation, possibility to buy tickets online, advertising in the website, multi-language support;
  • Point of sale – proffesinaly printed and quqlity looking tickets, online payment, possibility to connect multiple monitors (for client and cashier), variuos configurations;
  • Arena – arena zone management, price management, VIP seating managment, arenų vietiniai klubai, easy to use pricing control;
  • Access management – real-time management, intended to secure strems of people getting into the event, using the tickets they bought;
  • Organiser – sale statistics, ticket sales representation, reservations and invitations, reports, CRM, supervision of access control.

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Administrators module and specialists using this software are able to create and adjust all the data for created events. All information put into the module instantly appears in every sale point selling tickets for that event. Using the design tool it is easy to create seating plan for every event, specifying the number of seats, their arrangement and assigning different price values for every zone.
Administrators module offers great amount of tools for marketing specialists – including variuos reports, nessasary for succesful ticket distribution. Reports are easily exported to *.XLS and *.CSV formats. Marketing specialists, using TicketEx software, are able to create different pricing plans for the period of ticket distribution. For example, setting a time when tickets supposed to go up or go down in price, including the setting for the price on the last day.
TicketEx system is highly customisable with various loyalty or other cards, that enables discounts predefined by the distributor. Every discount may have its own limit, witch will be applied on surtain circumstances or situations.
Software users are able to set additional fees for surtain events. All fees may be included in the ticket price or separated from it. Software administrator may also set commision, that get redirected to distribution channels as well as those that are paid to the ticketing company.

Internet ticketing website is designed to appeallingly present events, engage visitors and stimulate them to buy a ticket to an appealing event. Website coprehendsively presents every event and enables the visitor to buy a ticket online the easiest way possible. easy to use seating functionality lets the user choose specific seat in the arena, enables the user with the most choosing possibilities, to make him confident, that he has made the best decision. Otherwise the system may choose a seat for you.
There are several search options – using filters to find events by various categories or simply using fast search. Users may also use banners to promote specific events and ultimately bringing additional revenue.

Sell Points

Points of sale are installed in your chosen locations. It requires minimal space and therefore are able to cooperate with other points of sale in variuos shopping centers.
Selling point may have multiple monitors for customer convienence – one for the cashier and the other for the customer to make it easier to choose the desired seating option.
Customers home may also become a selling point – all it needs is just a printer to print the ticket. with TicketEx tickets can be sold not only at the selling point or customers home, but it is also possible install mobile selling points at the entrance of an event. Setting the limits on how many tickets customer can buy at a time.

Organisers module is intended to go through sale statistics, revenue, popularity comparison between events and other data. The essential informasion ir visualised in graphs and diagrams to make it even more comprehensive.
Through organiser module it is possible to monitor event empoyment by seats, sectors or prices. Users may set event notifications in the case of set numbers of tickets being sold out. This allows to make a decision to increase the ticket price or announce that tickets are being sold out and other profit increasing information.
system TicketEx allows the users to get reports needed to set the pricing accordingly. For example, detaled report by ticket price nominal, online sales, given discounts, sales by the sectors. This is a tool benefiting in planning and managing your ticket distribution business.
TicketEx also has client and resource management (CRM) plug-in, which allows you to create client accounts and monitor their activity. This funkcionality allows you to predict client behavior, distribute surtain discounts accourding to their preferance and ultimately increase sales.
Organizer module has two main user modes: common user and privileged user. The latter can monitor all the information provided by the system and common user can see the information set by privilleged user.

Real-time access management system provides with a possibility to manage client access to the event using ticket data decrypted by various scanners. At the same time it is possible to monitor the exact percentage of sold tickets are already in the arena. Additionally, System will not allow to go through the access point, if the ticket data was already scanned.

with the help of access management system it is possible to devide event area into zones that  customers can only access if they have a specific ticket for hat area. This makes it possible to have VIP ticket privileges, allowing access to surtain places like  balcony, various clubs, etc.