Access management equipment – gates, designed for handling big visitor flows. Gates are integrated into access management system and are often used for intensive flows of visitors or handicap access solutions.

Access system and Cominfo gates

nSoft is the only official Lithuanian supplier of Cominfo, leading manufacturer in eastern Europe, turnstiles and gates. On client request we assemble the equipment with cohesive software for access management, created by nSoftCominfo turnstiles and gates are distinguished by exceptionally high quality, great price and quality ratio as well as reliable electric motors and universally programmable microchips – controllers. Turnstile motors do not require constant maintenance and are intended for intensive workloads in indoor and extreme outdoor weather conditions. Available options are: stainless-steel frame, tempered glass wings, as well as anticorrosion agent coated or galvanized and painted using RAL color pallet frames. Cominfo turnstiles, provided by nSoft, are used in Lithuania’s most major recreation centers – – Švyturys Klaipėda arena, LFF stadium (Vėtra), Impuls network of fitness clubs and others.

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