Hardware equipment (shown below) – another domain, where nSoft has strong partnership connections with various global distributors. Therefore, our range of equipment can be offered with competitive prices.

Wide range of hardware equipment for access management, restaurants, fitness clubs, water parks and other objects will help carrying out versatile and universal solutions with systems created by nSoft. We offer all necessary equipment for point of sales, workstations, access systems, warehouse management systems.

We offer relevant equipment for water parks and fitness clubs – RFID wristbands and tags as well as RFID tag enabled readers – stacionary (with integrated controllers) or portable USB readers, intended for managers and cashiers.

We offer equipment usually desired by warehouses, stores, fitness – Newland barcode scanners with wide range of selection – handheld, stationary or integrated in various types – 1D or 2D.

POS computers

Industrial POS (Point of sale) computers with Windows 8.1 operating system for restaurants, fitness clubs, pools


Access management devices – turnstiles, designed to manage big visitor flows. nSoft is the only official Lithuanian supplier of Cominfo, leading manufacturer in eastern Europe, turnstiles and gates



Access management equipment – gates, designed for handling big visitor flows. Gates are integrated into access management system and are often used for intensive flows of visitors or handicap access solutions.

RFID skaitytuvas

Data readers

Various readers with different design and purpose, intended to process RFID, barcode and biometric data, used in fitness clubs, restaurants, aqua parks, logistic centers, recreational centers and other objects that display the need for higher security measures and working efficiency.

RFID apyrankės

RFID tags

RFID tags and wristbands have different specification and purpose depending on the object it will be used in.

Monitoring equipment

Professional equipment designed to monitor surrounding factors.

Electronic locks

Electronic locks by Gantner meant for fitness clubs, water parks, SPA and other recreational centers changing room lockers. These e-locks allow visitors to lock a desired unused locker, this way choosing most comfortable place in the changing room.

Biometric scanners

Biometric scanners – it is a device human identification by fingerprint, iris or facial structure. These scanners are exceptionally accurate and reliable.
Identification through biometric data are based on unique human characteristics. At the current moment only few biometric data recognition systems are used worldwide – fingerprint, iris and facial identification.