Ticket sales system

nPoint ticket sales system

It is a modern, Lithuanian developed and supported ticket sales system designed for museums, zoos, parks and other leisure and amusement places. System consists of two main elements: hardware (turnstiles, POS computers, printers, etc.) and software (administrator, sales and control modules), which conciliate to one solution which perfectly fits client needs. We also help clients to create ticket sale website or create an application for smartphone.

nPoint has the following qualities:

  • Flexibility – system was developed and supported in Lithuania by our team, so we are always able to adjust it to fit your needs.
  • Reliability – we support our clients 24/7.
  • Continuous improvement – system is always developed and improved according to customer and client needs by our specialists. We strive to make our system operate under the best international practice and market trends.
  • Safety – we use centralized ticket sales system operating principe so we ensure that our system has the highest possible data safety level.
  • Functionality nPoint is easily adjustable to suit the client needs: ticket sales system works perfectly with other sales, reservation, access control, catering and other services

The main advantages of this nPoint system are:

  • Simple accounting – electronic ticket sales simplify ticket accounting, so you no longer need to print pre-tickets, archive their balances, and do other things that make you spend a lot of time.
  • Fast service – convenient and user-friendly cash register interface helps you to promptly service visitors and have a real-time sales data.
  • Ticket validation nPoint access control module performs ticket checking and ensures that a single ticket passes the specified amount of times.
  • Various payment methods – allow your customers pay the way they used to. nPoint ticket system can be easily integrated with any bank or electronic billing system. Expand your customer base by offering them a barter, gift voucher etc.
  • Convenient reports – numerous reports presented in various sections will help you track your sales, analyze traffic, discover marketing opportunities, plan further actions and forecast financial results.
  • Creating long-term relationships – CMS (Customer Management System) will help you target your audience, segment your customers, apply special offers, communicate via e-mail campaigns or SMS messages and thus maintaining long-term relationships.

Why nPoint my be useful for your business:

  • You can create customized hall plan layouts and adapt them for your individual needs: freely choose the type of the tickets (general admission or sitting tickets), their quantities, prices and location in the event room. The automatic seating chart functionality can help your customers choose the best available seats and ensure optimal use of your location space.
  • Group admission is a feature that helps you to reduce queues at your box office as it allows you to sell shared ticket for a larger group of visitors with one click.
  • Have your discounts automatically applied to different types of customers or groups. For example full-time student discounts, senior discount or student groups with free teacher ticket (10: 1) and many more.
  • Ticket sales online – broaden your audience by offering online ticket sales. The online payment option will allow the customer to conveniently and quickly pay online. We can help you prepare solution for ticketing on website or mobile application. The few examples of nPoint online ticketing system used by our customers:

nPoint ticket sales system can be used with PC, notebooks or POS computer.

nPoint software is integrated with all necessary hardware

nPoint hardware is fully integrated into a unified system, so  tickets purchased through different channels can be be seen in one system that provides accounting data, access control and ticket validation possibility. nPoint ticket sales system manages different technical solutions:\

  • Ticket sales self-service vending machines. It is an innovative solution that allows 24/7 sales. Intuitive and user friendly control allows a buyer to purchase and print a preferred ticket, pay for a purchase, thus reducing service costs and minimize visitor queues.
  • Mobile and stationary point of sales. Mobile cash registers allow tickets to be sold and printed regardless of where you are (especially useful for outdoor events, festivals, etc.). Both types of cash register are distinguished by convenient, fast and intuitive management.
  • Ticket printers. Effortlessly print professional and need tickets of your chosen design. You can choose a mobile or stationary solutions depending on your preferences.
  • Ticket data-readers. Barcode scan allows you to identify genuine tickets and provide access control. The stationary solutions are usually integrated with the access gateways and turnstiles, and the mobile ticket scanner allows mobile ticket control at any chosen location for any different events. More information about data-readers.
  • Turnstiles – access management devices. Synergy between nPoint point of sales module access gateway and ticket scanning devises allows the system to operate effectively and consistently. With this uniform your visitors can reach their destination in shortest possible time without additional help from your staff. Read more about turnstiles here.

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