Fitness clubs

sporto klubų sistemaFitness club system provides with necessary tools for selling your products and services, analyzing results and attending your client in the easiest way possible. This solution consists of nPoint software package, access management system, electronic lockers, tanning bed module and other integrable equipment. It is possible to have simple solution for training halls or a full-scale package for multiple facility fitness club centers.

nSoft started its practice with Lithuanian fitness club systems 10 years ago and now it holds  a solid position in fitness club market. Our clients trust this software because of its reliability and flexibility – software was build and adapted to our clients’ needs. If you cannot find a necessary function in the standard package, we can easily implement required changes or additions. Due to its constant improvement, nPoint system functionality is always expanded and clients always find new features to try.

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Sporto klubų sistema

Advantages of using nPoint for fitness clubs:

Fitness club managers can easily create subscriptions with different visiting and validity parameters, other products, invitations, gift certificates. All of the activity results can be seen in the reports: subscription and product sales, times subscriptions was used, employee activity and etc. You can find more information on nSoft software and its possibilities here.

Fitness club system is compatible with: Cominfo turnstiles and gates, POS computers and fiscal printers, webcams for client identification, Gantner Technologies offline and online electronic lockers, RFID, barcode and magnetic stripe readers, biometric equipment – iris, fingerprint readers. Integrated equipment selection is always expanding accordingly to our clients’ needs.

Software for fitness clubs is licensed by workstations. It is a one-time payment license, paid once and no more monthly or annual fees to extend your license. There are two types of licenses – POS and administrators. POS module is installed at the selling point and administrator’s module for managers and lead managers.

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