Tanning studio

Soliariumų sistemaMany years of collaboration with tanning studios helped us find out their main requirements and develop a tanning studio solution that meets those requirements. Tanning service businesses face employee dishonesty, limited speed of client attendance or information as well as overall lack of accounting. These and other requirements are met with our designed IT solutions, modern and easy to use management systems, intended to efficiently provide service to your clients.

nSoft experience shows that tanning studios with installed nPoint system generate more revenue and ultimately – profit. Main reasons are dishonest employee behavior, when revenue is not accounted or falsely applied discounts.

Main unit of the solutions for tanning salons – nPoint system with tanning bed module. This software package is created and developed by nSoft specialists. It is already implemented in several tanning studios (ex. LaBamba, SunLani).

Main features are product and service sales, tanning time accounting, virtual queue in case of client overflow, discount application and many more. The system is also able to export data to accounting software Rivilė to decrease the workload for accountants. Business owners can benefit from various reports when analyzing past results and planning for future marketing plans and predicting costs and revenue.

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  • POS computers (with nPoint software);
  • Tanning bed controllers (1 controller for 8 tanning beds);
  • Security cameras (to monitor POS activity).

nPoint module for tanning studios allows you to control every tanning bed separately, after selling a service you can monitor equipment’s state and tanning duration. Tanning bed is inactive until the system receives the payment for the service.

Possibility to control unlimited number of tanning beds at once, monitor states, that sow whether the tanning bed is in use or not, as well as estimated time of client preparation for tanning, remaining time of the session and remaining time before another client can use the tanning bed.

This system protects against fraud – if it is not paid for the service, equipment will not turn on. Our partners’ experience shows that upgrading to nPoint brought better sales results.

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