EASYGATE Elite/Elite 3D Top

The EASYGATE Elite speedgate is the latest in turnstile innovation. An elegant and slimline design fits perfectly to any exclusive interior. Combining strong reliability and high aesthetics, this design meets the increasing demand of customized projects with alternative materials and colours.

The EASYGATE Elite 3D Top speedgate is the upgraded EASYGATE Elite model. This design meets the increasing demand of customized projects with alternative materials, colours, cabinet types for different requirements of surface finishes and top lids.


  • To make EASYGATE Elite to your ideas, you can choose form optional top lid in different materials such as glass, artificial stone, stainless steal and optional colors too;
  • Custom-designed colours;
  • 10 mm protective tempered glass wings(990mm or 1800 mm height);
  • Possibility to integrate access status and direction indicators.


  • Possible gate widths: 650 mm – 1050 mm;
  • Long-lasting electric MDD motor;
  • Wide range of configuration options;
  • Elevator integration possibility;
  • LCD screen integration possibility;
  • LED glass wing illumination possibility;
  • Card collector integration possibility;
  • Indoor use only.


  • Solid consruction;
  • Optional security levels;
  • „Anti – Panic“ accesory, which allows free access in case of emergency;
  • Different modes, that specifies how gates should operate on power outage(alow free access, lock access or open access by security system);
  • 30 sensor pairs, which notifies about illegal gate access.


    • Two-sided passage;
    • Up to 30 people per minute;
    • Gates are handicapped accessable.

Praėjimas pėstiems ir neįgaliesiems

Additional information

  • Possibility to manage gates through controllers or computers;
  • Possibility to integrate data readers under a toned glass cover;
  • nPass gate management software allows to enter visitors into the system, assign rights, monitor statistics and other information.