Damocles MINI

Remote controlled relay with 4 digital inputs ir 2 relay outputs controlled through internet, M2M protocols (SNMP, XML, Modbus/TCP).

Manage 2 remote relays and 4 input signals using internet access. Activate/Deactivate relay signals or check input signals through internet network.

Damocles MINI is tipically used for turning-on/off devices or to measure energy usage  (due to pulse meters in input connections).

When input connection is closed, Damocles MINI sends SNMP or email notification with configurable text. Optionally, notification can be sent using delay mode (for example, notification is sent only when refridgerator door is open more than 3 minutes).


Changes in the input signal in one device are sent through internet connection (SNMP Trap) which then activates or deactivates output relays in the other device. Damocles MINI is able to react to changes in other Damocles/Poseidon devices.

Exzmple. Server room temperature goes over the set limit (measured with Poseidon 3266) then red light signal is activated in the device monitoring premises (relay opening in Damocles MINI).

Ethernet: RJ45 (10BASE-T)
WEB: integrated web server, graphic user interface for configuration and settings.
Digital input: 4 (dry contacts)
Digital outputs: 2 relay outputs (24VDC)
M2M protocols: SNMP, XML, Modbus/TCP
Reaction to input signal changes: SNMP notifications, Email message (configurable text).
Box-2-Box mode: relay in one device is activated from other device signal (Poseidon/Damocles)
HWg-PD Trigger: notification redirection to SMS, pop-up notification on the computer, computer shut-down.
HWg PDMS (software): value registration, graphs, data export to MS Excel