HWg-PWR 3/12/25

HWg-PWR is a functional Ethernet gateway solutions, designed to remotely monitor/ account for energy cobsumption. Supports up to 3 /12/25 external M-Bus sensors (water, gas, elektricity, heating).

HWg-PWR is able to execute data from 3/12/25 sensors at a time, monitor sensor status and send notifications through e-mail or SMS if sensor values deviated from set limits.

All sensor values may be sent through SNMP, Modbus / TCP or to an internet website for further data processing.

HWG-PWR operates individually, computer connection is not necessary. Usage data graphs  are generated and accessable through internet connection on graphic user interface and reports are sent by e-mail once a day, week or month.

To create a remote monitoring system with HWG-PWR is simple with all energy types. Tipical HWG-PWR usage examples are resource usage monitoring in data centers, shopping centers or office buildings.

Individual M-Bus sensors (electricity, water, gas, heating, etc.) ar manufactured by third parties. More than 30 leading meter manufactors  manufactures meters that sipport M-Bus interface. External sensors can be used and accounted for in any value range that are supported by the sensors (parameters are changed individually in the settings).

  • Ethernet: RJ45 (10BASE-T)
  • Web: integrated web server, e-configuration, diagrams
  • Digital inputs: 8 (110/230VAC – for phase interruption prevention and detection)
  • External sensors: 3, 12 or 25 (depending on the device) M-Bus sensors, powered from HWg-PWR
  • M-Bus interface: EN 13757-2, EN 13757-3, sensor auto-detection
  • Factor variables: up to 100 factors (for all connected sensors)
  • Data registration: up to 170 000 records (3 records in 15 minutes = accounting for 590 days)
  • Reports: periodical, provided by e-mail
  • M2M supported protocols: SNMP, XML, Syslog, Modbus/TCP, HWg-Push
  • notifications (factors reaching limited values): SNMP, E-mail, SMS (through Gateway)
  • SMS notifications: external SMS Gateway or PD Trigger software is required
  • Programing support: HWg SDK
  • HWg-PD Trigger: notification management, error detection in connected devices
  • HWg PDMS: value registration, graphs, data export to MS Excel
  • Third party SNMP software compatibility (HP OpenView, Nagios, Zabbix, IBM Tivoli, Monitor one, The Dude, Paessler IPCheck, Ipswitch WhatsUp, Axence nVision, LoriotPro, GFi NSM, SNMPc 7, CA NSM, ActiveXperts NM, Intellipool NM, MSC Operations Manager 2007)
  • Power supply: 110 / 230V AC
  • Assembly: suitable for DIN