PowerEgg solution combines two functions in one device – energy monitoring and energijos management. Detector detects any failure in electricity supply (110/230V, single phase), Depending on configuration, activates/disconnects relay output. PowerEgg may be connected to any device, through digital Input and digital Output.

PowerEgg – two-in-one functionality:

  • Detector: detects electricity changes, reacts accordingly through relay outputs (inputs and outputs are electrically izolated);
  • Management: controls output channel (max. 8A)

PowerEgg together with Poseidon 3266 or Damocles MINI may be used to monitor voltage status in connection with UPS.

The device is able to disconnect output current through relay  gali išjungti išėjimo srovę per rėlinį connection; this way it may be used to remotely turn the server on or off.

  • DETECTOR input: voltage detection function (110/230V) – IEC-320 C14
  • DETECTOR interface: dry digital input contact
  • CONTROL output: turns on/off output channel 110/230V (max 8A) – can be connected to any digital output – IEC-320 C13
  • CONTROL interface: connects to any digital output – relay or open collector
  • Can be connected with: Poseidon 3266, 3268, 3468, 4002, 2250, Damocles 1208, MINI, 2404, HWg-Ares