Poseidon 3266

Temperature and humidity measurement, remotely monitoring 4 digital input signal (Web, SNMP, E-mail). Software package that compiles reports in MS Excel format is included for free.

Poseidon 3266 is SNMP and WEB standart compatible, external factors (temperature, humidity) registering device.

The device will notify by email or SNMP notification when one or more external factors is out of set bounds.

The device is also abale to send e-mail messages or SNMP notifications, if one out of 4 dry contacts alters the signal status (turns on, turns off, changes value).

4 dry input contacts can be used together with smoke detectors, water leakage detectors, conditioning system fault detectors, power asupply fault detectors.

Ethernet: RJ45 (10BASE-T)
Web: integrated web server
Sensors: 1xRJ11 1-Wire (maximum 5 temperature sensors / humidity cables)
Digital sensors: x4 (dry contacts: door contacts, smoke detectors, 110/230VAC energy detectors, water leakage detectors, conditioning system fault detectors)
Notifications (factor value in unsecured internal): SNMP, E-mail
M2M supported protocols: SNMP, XML, Modbus/TCP
Programing compatibility: HWg SDK
SMS sending: SMS can be sent through “SMS GW” device without any additional software

HWg-PD Trigger: notification redirection to SMS, notification to computer, computer shutdown, etc.
HWg PDMS: value registration, graphs, data export to MS Excel
CapTemp: visualised map, output connection management, message redirection to SMS
Third party SNMP software compatible