Poseidon 3468

Internet connection compatible IP termostat, designed to measure temperature and humidity, manage 4 dry input contacts and 2 relay outputs remotely. Industrial version supports SNMP, e-mail, DIN track assembly.

Poseidon 3468 is meant for industrial use. According to sensor data, the device sends notification SNMP / e-mail messages and activates outgoing relays.

Relay outputs are directly interchangable (110/230V). Device meets CE / FCC standarts.

On default settings, every sensor value from the set safe range provides a signal to send a notification by e-mail or SNMP. Safe value range can be set for humidity and temperature sensors, it is also possible to set the device to send a notification when a signal in the input connections is altered.

Ethernet: RJ45 (10BASE-T)
Web: integrated web server
Sensors: 1xRJ11 1-Wire (maximum 5 temperature sensors / humidity cables)
Digital sensors: x4 (dry contacts: door contacts, smoke detectors, 110/230VAC energy detectors, water leakage detectors, conditioning system fault detectors)
Notifications (factor value in unsecured internal): SNMP, E-mail
M2M supported protocols: SNMP, XML, Modbus/TCP
Programing compatibility: HWg SDK
SMS sending: SMS can be sent through “SMS GW” device without any additional software

HWg-PD Trigger: notification redirection to SMS, notification to computer, computer shutdown, etc.
HWg PDMS: value registration, graphs, data export to MS Excel
CapTemp: visualised map, output connection management, message redirection to SMS
Third party SNMP software compatible