HWg-Ares 12

Remote monitoring of external sensors and connected hardware through GSM / GPRS. Simple solution if remote monitoring is needed, which can also be expanded to LAN+GPRS system with hundreds of sensors.

HWg-Ares 12 is remote monitoring solution that can be installed in few minutes. Only GSM connection s required. Simply connect external sensors (temperature 4-20mA, humidity, light and other sensors) or two contacts and monitor all the factors remotely. Sensor information can be read with:

  • HWg-PDMS (software),
  • Device website;
  • SCADA/NMS system.

Ares platform prepared for hundred sensor connections. Despite this, you can simply connect a single HWg-Ares 12 device and monitor graphs with HWg-PDMS software or eexport the data and analyze it in MS Excel format.

HWg-Ares is fully GSM monitoring system – from sensors to data export to MS Excel. Data transfer through GPRS is minimal. Unique system trait is that you can connect several IP sensors with GSM/GPRS HWg-Ares devices as well as  Nagios compatibility- most popular free SNMP monitoring software.

  • Internal battery: remote monitoring is possible for few hours after power outage.
  • Sensors: up to 3 1-Wire UNI sensors (temperature, humidity, light, 4-20mA, 0-60V, Pt100/1000 with ext.converter)
  • Digital input: 2 dry contact inputs designed for external detectors/sensors
  • Messaging: phone call to specified number, SMS (5 contacts), Email, HWg-Push
  • Data registration: Data sending to  e-mail or registration to USB storage
  • Software: CapTemp, SensDesk, Nagios plug-in (2Q 2012).
  • USB interface: MS Windows configuration software (installation is required)
  • Remote software updates
  • One temperature sensors with “Tset” package. Up to 60m cable.