RFID wristbands

Licensed personal can login to of the nPoint POS system using the RFID technology. The most common method of connection is the RFID cards, a wide selection of which you can find here.

However, the most practical RFID adaptation restaurants and other facilities is the RFID bracelet. Using it, the waiter does not need to look for a card, because it is always on the hand. This saves time, as waiters and bartenders do not waste time searching for the card, the cards will not get lost, and the pockets of the outfit will no longer be needed. What is more convenient is that login in is so easy that it can be done with one hand while serving dish or drink with another.

Finally, the usage of RFID armbands ensures even greater security of the nPoint system! RFID login was created so only licensed personnel could use it. So wearing RFID based login is safe alternative as it is never lost or left by the POS, so no unauthorized login could ever happen.

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