POINDUS POS computers

POINDUS (VariPOS750 ir VariPOS240)
Aluminum fan-less case. System block integrated into computer. Computer has pre-installed SSD (Solid-state drive) and Intel processor for faster data handling. Touch sensitive True-Flat screen (no edge between screen and border), looks sophisticated and is easy to clean. Water and dust resistance (IP66). Recommended for pools and water parks.

Processor: Intel Quad Core (J1900) 2 GHz (or Intel Celeron, Pentium i3, i5, i7)
RAM: DDR3 2GB (or 4GB, 8GB)
Drive: 64 GB SSD (or HDD)
Screen: touch-screen 15”, TFT „True-Flat“, 1024x 768, 5 layer Resistive (or Capacitive), resistance IP66
Graphics: integrated
Peripheral connections: 4 x RS232, 5 x USB (1x USB 3.0), LAN 10M/100M/1Gbit