ROUND J90 turnstile is the most often used device in entrance control systems thanks to its modern robust design, safe and effective operation together with high quality material processing and robust construction. Stainless design of the main turnstile parts guarantees its long-life running in interior or exterior. Constructional design ensures better protection in exterior against weather attacks and splashing water high up to 1m except the power water. Turnstile ROUND J90 is a bi-directional turnstile with electronic control, the 90° openings ensure comfortable and safe access for one person.

Available gate modifications:

  • ROUND J 90 – 40 mm diameter wings;
  • ROUND J 90 U – “U” form 30 mm wings;
  • ROUND J 90 DUO – 40 mm double passage gates.


  • Frame – stainless steel AISI 304 tubes.
  • Center post – stainless steel 204 mm in diameter (optional – 168 mm).
  • Side railings – stainless steel 60 mm in diameter.


  • ROUND J 90 ir ROUND J 90 DUO optional in 1300 mm height (standart – 1100 mm).
  • Passage width – 550 mm.
  • Electric long-lasting motor.
  • Wide range of configuration possibilities.
  • For indoor and outdoor use.


  • Long-lasting construction.
  • Optional security levels.
  • Optional Fail-safe or Fail-lock functionality in case of emergency.
  • Adaptive turning speed.


  • Two-sided access.
  • Up to 30 people per minute.

Additional information

  • Optional management via controller or computer.
  • Possibility to integrate readers under toned glass.
  • Gate management software „nPass“ allows to enter visitors into system, asign rights, monitor statistics and other information.

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