C1 Cylindrical Security Portal

The C1 Cylindrical Security Portal is a compact but effective way of securing your authorised areas. The security portal acts as a replacement for high security doors, once inside the portal the user must pass APD ultrasonic checks to gain access to the secure side. The inbuilt ultrasonic sensors ensure that only one person can transit through the mantrap portal at the same time. The cylindrical design enables the security portal to be installed between a wall taking up less space in your secure area.

Main Features

  • High visibility provides a spacious feel
  • Elegant, modern security solution
  • Space saving cylindrical design
  • Customisable security levels – up to Attack Resistant Class 3 & 4


  • External Width/ Depth: 995mm
  • Internal Diameter: 820mm
  • Entrance Width: 600mm
  • Internal Height: 2030mm
  • External Height: 2360mm S Version and 2325mm R Version

Portal Weight with different glass types

  • P2A: 360Kg
  • P4A: 390Kg
  • P6B & BR3: 580Kg

Safety Features

  • Anti-slip Floor mat
  • Emergency unlocking device
  • Fail secure
  • IR safety sensors
  • Internal LED light
  • Fire alarm signal