C3 Cylindrical Security Portal

The C3 Cylindrical Security Portal is an interlock system that provides wider access and is designed for areas where there is a higher level of throughput. The C3 Security Portal can be customised to a bi-parting 4 door or standard 2 door configuration, enabling quicker transit through the portal. The wider entrance provides easier access and is suitable for wheelchairs. The portal can be customised to meet different customer requirements.

Main Features

  • Wide 860mm entrance access – suitable for wheelchairs
  • Up to 4-5 people per transit (with APD deactivated)
  • Bi-parting 4 door or standard 2 door configuration
  • Customisable security levels – up to Attack Resistant Class 3 & 4


  • External Width/ Depth: 1385mm
  • Internal Diameter: 1200mm
  • Entrance Width: 860mm
  • Internal Height: 2030mm
  • External Height: 2360mm S Version and 2325mm R Version

Portal Weight with different glass types

  • P2A: 700Kg
  • P4A: 770Kg
  • P6B & BR3: 1020Kg

Safety Features

  • Anti-slip Floor mat
  • Emergency unlocking device
  • Fail secure
  • IR safety sensors
  • Internal LED light
  • Fire alarm signal