New arrivals: brand new turnstile for nSoft clients


New technologies always bring new challenges. Access management devices can no longer be only useful, they also has to come with the best design and highest security possible. That is why our clients can now choose from even wider variety turnstiles and access gates equipped with latest technologies and best designs. Some of which are:

The EASYGATE Elite speedgate is the latest in turnstile innovation. An elegant and slimline design fits perfectly to any exclusive interior. Combining strong reliability and high aesthetics, this design meets the increasing demand of customized projects with alternative materials and colors. Elite 3D Top – is additional modification, that allows to have a turnstile with colored tops. More.

EASYGATE SBG Self-Boarding Gate is an automated solution enabling passenger self-service check-in and passage control at Boarding Gates, Security/Immigration Check Points, or entry to Loyalty Passenger lane and lounge areas. Our EasyGate SBG provides stress-free efficiency for passengers and freedom from mundane tasks so the staff can focus on their personal attention on the valued travelers’ needs better. The design allows for easy integration of various ticketing and passport readers, bar code and biometric scanners, printers as well as LCD displays to provide helpful user cues and instructions. More.

EASYGATE SPA An innovative “Pay to Access” speedgate designed specifically for the needs of the public facilities market as public toilets, showers, etc. Coin operated turnstile EASYGATE SPA enables establishments to collect an income stream to keep their services open, clean and in a pleasant state for use by their patrons and contains an internal secure locked cash box and can be supplied with an optional printer to provide users with a receipt or coupon. More.

EASYGATE Interlock
EASYGATE Interlock is a high security double barrier speed gate. The dual barriers, high glass wings and anti-vault detection make this interlock ideal for any high security environment where the elimination of tailgating or climb over attempts is required. More.