New very handy way to log in nPoint!


Most of great ideas come form experience. Experience combined with modern solutions bring innovations. That is why our team always encourages clients to share ideas and discuss problems.

And some clients are eager to help!
Last time we talked with Jurgita Jurkoniene, HR manager in Carre vasaros terasa, Exit and Terasa vasara Palanga she sheared her thoughts on how often their staff looses their log in cards. Terasa vasara Palanga has a big team of waiters and baristas, all of them were in need of a better solution to log in POS system. And we provided just that! Now this innovation loving team has their logins on their hand! RFID login cards were changed to RFID login bracelets.

This decision solved much more then this one problem: logins are no longer lost, they are not shared among the staff and during busy hours staff can login to nPoint single handed! “So much time is being saved!” – says Jurgita. We are happy to see that daily task become easier but what is more important that is a security increasing decision. Why security? Bracelets are no longer being lost or shared between different employees so Terasa vasara Palanga data is safer than ever!

Small changes can save great amouns of time! If you feel that your business would benefit from your employees being able to save log in time, contact us and share this innovation with biggest players in your field!