nSale – self-service terminal to sell membership 24/7!


When arriving at your gym, customers expect only the best quality service: competent coaches and high-quality sports equipment. Although your staff is one of the most important factors why clients choose your services, not all tasks are created equal and some can be done by a simple but intelligent machine. Customers entrance and membership validation can be done bu nSoft smart access control but now membership can be purchased in self service terminal nSale.

The nSale terminal is waiting for your customers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Intuitive nSale menu is easy to use even for inexperienced users and allows your customers to check the status of his account, sign up for a new membership, and purchase it or extend the existing membership. If a new client is ready to buy your gym membership, he will also be able to assign his fingerprint for further recognition. Today, customers can pay by bank transfer or prepayment, and in the future, nSale will will allow a payment by credit or debit card.

Let your employees take care of the most important needs of your customers to feel welcome and  leave mundane task to sale terminal nSale!