Solarium management is easy with nPoint!


If your gym still do not have an “artificial sun”, but you are already considering solarium zone service as a special bonus much appreciated by your customers, do not miss the opportunity to to make it happen with with nPoint!

As nPoint has been developed in collaboration with professionals from different areas, itinclude a wide range of possibilities for you to choose form. First of all, the nPoint Solarium functionality is designed to allow your customers to enter the solarium zone without having to pre-booked time or your employee having to assist them. nPoint can also check how many customers is using the service at moment, and helps to avoid inconvenience if the space is shared by men and women at separate times times. Finally, the nPoint system covers the full range of sports club activities, so solarium sales reports are included in the overall account of the gym.

Do not miss the opportunity to offer an additional service to your customers without much additional expense and work for your staff with nPoint solarium management systeme!
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