“Terasa Vasara Palanga” and “Exit vasaros rezidencija” in Palanga started using nPoint


Every summer largest cities in Lithuania stays empty. On hot summer days, nobody is asking where is everybody. Everyone knows that Lithuanians are going to the seaside! Probably the grooviest places in Palanga “Terasa Vasara Palanga” and “Exit vasaros rezidencija” has already opened their season and both are using our restaurant management system nPoint.

One of the most frequently asked questions is “what about nPoint system maintenance in other cities?”, as our soon-to-be clients located in resorts wants to be sure if we are be able to help in need. Although nSoft’s headquarters are based in Vilnius, the

customer service team is very agile and mobile. Businesses as far as Minsk are already using our services and all installations, upgrades or repair work are being successfully carried during our visits. And what about smaller, routine consultations? For this we have 24/7 helpline and most of the small issues are easily done remotely.