Atractive and sophisticated design combined with glass and precious materials make PEGAS gates suitable part for turnstiles and it is also the original solution of access control systems. It is suitable for representative entrance halls and lobby where the movement of persons through gates is monitoring by receptionist. It is the best solution for handicapped persons, in case of movement of large objects or sudden evacuation. This particular odel has double stanless steel wing.


• Representative design
• Quality glass and stainless steel constructon
• Designed for elevated humidity levels, suitable for outdoor weather conditions or swimming pool areas.


• Moderate security level
• Gates are disassembled with specialized equipment only
• Long operating period, does not require maintenance


• Using nSoft software and RFID, barcode or biometric scanner
• With any other access management system
• Remote control, using regular button
• Remote control, using control unit


• Two-way access (0-270°)
• For wide passage two gates are used, mounted one against the other (tandem gates)
• Handicap tailored

Additional information:

• Reader mounted nearby using a secondary post
• In case of power outage, gates are operational up to 6 hours, using a secondary power supply. On complete power outage gates are blocked (Fail-lock motor type) or allows free access to both sides – manually openening the gates (Fail-safe motor type)