Poseidon2 4002: Data center environment monitoring

Poseidon2 4002 is a system for remote monitoring of rack environmental conditions (occupies 1U). Measures temperature, checks if the lights are on or the doors are open in the server room, and more. Relay outputs (4x digital output) can activate fans or an additional light. Poseidon is SNMP compatible, includes a data logger, e-mail and SMS alerts. It can be connected to the SensDesk online portal or cloud sensor systems.

Poseidon2 4002 is a remote environment monitoring system for datacenters and server rooms.
It alerts to open door, high temperature and humidity, or other sensor readings. Typical applications include monitoring one or more racks, or the entire server room. Poseidon2 4002 can be mounted on the wall, on a DIN rail, or as a 1U device in a 19” rack.

Use your Poseidon to monitor your computer room temperature via SNMP (Nagios, Cacti, OpenView, ..) or with a smartphone app.

Poseidon2 4002 can be used as a standalone environment monitoring device with email alerts or as a part of a complex monitoring system (SNMP or SensDesk online portal).

Sensors and detectors

Up to 16 external sensors, 12 detectors with a dry contact output, 4 relay outputs and a GSM modem can be connected.
We supply temperature and humidity sensors (indoor/outdoor), light intensity sensors, DC/AC current and voltage converters.

Digital Inputs can be connected to smoke detectors, power failure detectors, water flood detection, and more. Relay outputs can be controlled over the Web, or according to the value of a connected sensor, for example to control air conditioning or ventilation.

E-mail and SMS alerts

When a value is out of a specified range, Poseidon2 4002 sends an e-mail, a SNMP Trap, or a text message (SMS). Text messages (SMS) can be sent via an external GSM modem, or through a central “HWg-SMS-GW” text message gateway. Just a single SIM card can serve all your devices.

Web interface, software, mobile apps

The device can be accessed over the web, using a mobile phone app (Android, iPhone), or through an online portal. Temperature alarms, for example, can be sent by e-mail or SMS.

For data collection and monitoring, we recommend our HWg-PDMS application that displays graphs and exports data to MS Excel.
For “IF-THEN” event management (e.g. “If one out of 10 devices fails, send a SMS to the admin”), we provide the “HWg-Trigger” application for Windows.

For remote monitoring of several sites, the SensDesk.com online service can be used. It can display readings from sensors at multiple Poseidon2 4002 units and other HW group products on a single screen. The online portal is configured over the web and all devices can monitored with a mobile phone app.

Poseidon2 4002 can be connected to various monitoring systems. We support over 50 different third-party SNMP or SCADA applications.


  • Ethernet: RJ45 (10/100 BASE-T)
  • WEB: Built-in web server
  • Data logger: Data logger for more than 250.000 records
  • Sensors: 6xRJ11 – max. 16 external sensors (1-Wire / 1-Wire UNI)
    Can measure: humidity, voltage, current, 4-20mA, illumination, temperature (incl. Pt100, Pt1000) and many other quantities…
  • Digital inputs (DI): 12x DI for dry contacts (state detectors)
    Supports: Door contacts, smoke detectors, 110/230V power supply detector, water leak detector, fan failure detector
  • Digital outputs (DO): 4x DO relay output (low-voltage NO/NC relay contact)
  • Power: 9-30V DC
  • Mechanical: Metal housing 100 x 213 x 35 [mm] – can be mounted on a wall, on a DIN rail, or as a 1U device into a 19″ cabinet.
  • M2M communication protocols: SNMP (version 1 and 3), XML, Modbus/TCP, HWg-Push
  • SMS + ring upon alert: Supported
  • Text messages (SMS): Alerts can be sent as SMS (text messages) with up to 5 recipients (phone numbers).
    SMS can be sent through a local GSM modem or a remote „HWg-SMS-GW“ over the network. No software is needed.