nPointMobile – mobile order application

Wherever there is the need for quick operation, easy-to-use and all-in-one information usage – mobile devices are the most popular choice! Lower device costs, higher service speeds, compact size, and growing staff productivity are just some of the features why nPointMobile has already been able to earn customer trust.

nPointMobile is nPoint module that allows you to have your your POS inside your pocket pocket. It features a hall plan with all active tables, information on dishes and current discounts. Instead of writing the orders manually, and then putting them in the cash register system, the waiter collects the order directly on his smartphone or tablet. When the order is done, the waiter can move to the next table, saving time as he no longer need to move back to original cashier’s order window and wait in line to re-write his order. This feature makes staff actions much more efficient and it is even more beneficial in places that occupies a larger area.

But that is not all, nPointMobile also improves customer experience! With nPointMobile customers are served faster with significantly lover mistake rate. Also orders go straight to the kitchen, which results better communication between serving team and kitchen groups.

– Staff productivity increases as unnecessary actions – taking notes manually or walking to pos – are eliminated.
– Staff become more efficient as it does not require a constant return to the cash register. This is especially true for large outdoor spaces like outdoor cafes, terraces etc.
– Cost reducing benefits are also important part as nPointMobile works with most mobile devices.
nPointMobile system operates with the Android operating system.
– As error probability is radically reduced it affects customer satisfaction and comeback rates.
– Intuitive interface allows new staff quickly learn basics of the system, also interface is so simple it can be operated single–handedly.