REXON BASIC 3 is a three-wing single full-height turnstile with light construction. The modern design, constructive and colour variability make REXON BASIC 3 turnstile to be a unique part of access control system. The sophisticated control electronics also enables easy setting turnstile operating mode and at the same time it ensures the communication with different types of identification and signaling devices.


• coated with anti-corrosive material, galvanized, powder-coated with color from RAL palette or stainless steel body
• lighting inside the turnstile (additional accessory)


• Maximum security level – full-height constuction
• Turnstile is disassembled with special toools only
• Electromagnetic breaks, increasing turnstile motor’s reliability
• 120° gap between turnstile wings (total of 3 wings)
• Long operational periods without additional maintenance


• Using nSoft software and RFID, barcode or biometrinic readers.
• Using any other access management system
• Using remote control buttons
• Using remote control unit


• Two-way access
• Designed to allow passage with large objects
• Not handicap accessable


Additional information:

• Possibility to integrate readers into gate body or next to the gate using additional reader post.

• In case of power outage, gates are operational up to 6 hours, using emergency power supply. On complete power outage gate locks the passage (Fail-lock) or allows free access to both sides (Fail-safe)