Let your community share what they love about you!


Have you ever wondered what makes a best advertisement? Have you noticed that you yourself trust your friends much more then generic ads? This psychological bias is very common, why not share it to your advantage!

Every day you are being visited by customers that are loyal to your delicious food or your great atmosphere. Why not ask them to share this with their friends? With a few simple steps you can create a voucher that might be a perfect as Christmas, birthday or anniversary present. Just create unique number in nPoint system to ensure security of your voucher, mark the value and you are good to go! Just make sure it looks like a present that speaks about you and is ready to become a perfect gift. Not only it is easy to create voucher like this, it is also easy to use it as well! When your new customer returns your employees will use voucher the same way they would use cash or credit card for payment so no additional training is needed.

Vouchers are only one of many useful features you can find in nPoint system. You can also create credit for your trusted partners so they can visit you without any disturbances and pay by the end of the month (or any other period of time). Also advance payment might be useful: entourage your partners use you service as a motivational move for his employees.

nPoint was created by a professionals that worked closely with restaurant business, use nPoint features to achieve best in your business!