New Opportunities for Students’ Lunch – RFID Payment Cards!


Being a parent is never easy as you have to make daily decisions that will affect their future. One of the most difficult topics is money. Experts agree that allowance can help your child to develop future financial skills and understand how to manage their budget. It is quite easy to agree on this matter while talking about entertainment or the desired toys, but when the topic is about healthy diet and lunch money it is much more difficult decision to make. The problem problem is: how to allow you child develop responsibility by allowing him to choose the lunch for himself, but at the same time how to protect young ones from unhealthy food choices?

The parents of the American International School of Vilnius and the students of the Karalienės Mortos School have solved this issue. Thanks to nSoft’s and Payser’s collaboration, students can and pay for the dishes with the very in specific payment method created for them.

RFID cards are associated with Payser’s account, where parents can deposit desired amount of lunch mony, so the child can use it as he wants and develop his money managing skills. However, this card can only be used in certain places such as school cafeteria! School administration creates a menu so each child can avoid unwanted dishes and choose for himself. At the same time, parents know how much money has been spent and healthy diet is being part of their kids life at home and during school hours!