“NSOFT” Ltd is increasing efficiency of it’s activity by invesing into business management systems



From 2013-07-01 to 2015-09-30 “nSoft” Ltd finished a project „Implementation of work practice management system” (No. VP2-2.1-ŪM-03-K-02-188), according to  Economic development action rogram measure „Process Lt”.

Project is Mutually financed by Europe regional development fund and Republic of Lithuania fund. assigned funding amount – 16.060,24 euros.


During the project  a specialized quality management system was implemented according to ISO 9001 standart (with Agile process), IT service management system according to standart ISO 20000 and Balanced scorecard methods based integrated activity process management system. For that reason necessary consulting, staff training, auditing and certifying services were obtained. Total project period is 26 months. This project is supposed to significantly decrease the costs of company’s activities in various processes and consequently increase effectiveness adaptiveness and competitiveness. This will allow the company to significantly increase turnover, export amount and additional value.

“nSoft” Ltd. is professional IT system creator, which aims to integrate majority of the systems with biometric equipment. While creating new and developing released products company is closely collaborating with VGTU’s information technology security scientific laboratory of information technology security. Company’s practice is orientated to information technology’s elektronic and software security, ensuring integrity of data streams, blocking all possibilities to cheat for the user.