2022-04-16 “Terasa Vasara Palanga” and “Exit vasaros rezidencija” in Palanga started using nPoint

Every summer largest cities in Lithuania stays empty. On hot summer days, nobody is asking where is everybody. Everyone knows that Lithuanians are going to the seaside! Probably the grooviest places in Palanga “Terasa Vasara Palanga” and “Exit vasaros rezidencija” has already opened their season and both are using our restaurant management system nPoint. One […]

2022-04-16 nSoft Summer Day 2017

For Summer Day 2017 nSoft team decided to visit Dzūkija – land of forests and gorgeous lakes. As we are always up to a new adventure, our Summer day events started with Wake board park activities – wake boarding, supping and nice chill on the sparkling green lake. After some splashing and swimming our team […]

2022-04-16 Solution for Businesses of All Sizes – nPoint!

Trendiest places in Vilnius like cocktail bar Pataja or Summer Terase in Palanga has already chosen our product nPoint. It’s no surprise – big businesses make this decision easily as they know – its not only about offering the best services in town but also being most effective in any given area. But today we […]