BAR ST-DUO a double tripod turnstile is the most effective solution in the environment where minimum installation space is requested and at the same time it is necessary to provide a high frequency with intense movement of people. This turnstile is characteristic by two tripod heads, each on one side of turnstile, that provides independent passing in any direction. Large capacity, modern construction and attractive design, functional reliability, minimum operating costs and the most modern manufacturing technology guaranteeing a high level of quality, these are properties that make BAR ST-DUO turnstile to be the most effective part in any interior or exterior.
Modern control electronics enables easy setting of its own operating turnstile mode and together it makes possible to communicate with different types of identification and signalling devices. Turnstile is made according to arm’s orientation as RIGHT (standard) or LEFT. Turnstile BAR ST-DUO can be equipped with ANTI-PANIC function for one or both heads.


  • Powder-coated, optional color from RAL palette
  • Arms – stainless steel


  • Electric motor and efective access blocking system
  • Rotation speed automatically adapts to the visitor
  • silent and efficient operation
  • After passage turnstile gently returns to its position
  • Possibility to install turnstile outdoors with protective roof


  • Reliable security level
  • Even on power outage turnstile is operational for the next 6 hours
  • Possible „Anti – Panic“ accessory, it drops the arm in case of emergency or manually by the user.
  • „Go – call“ function – turnstile rotates by few degrees indicating the visitor that passage is allowed
  • „Fail safe“ accessory, which aollows free or locks up the access in case of power outage
  • Integrated sensors notifies about illegal passages


  • Two-way passage
  • 30 – 60 people per minute


Additional information

  • Possibility to conect a remote control unit
  • Possibility to manage turstile through a computer
  • Turnstile management software „nPass“ provides the possibility to enter visitors to the system,  asign rights, monitor statistics and other information
  • Turnstile is not handicap accessible